So It Goes Contest and Sweet Show with Jennah Barry

I am SO excited to finally share this! We are launching a verse contest to the song "So It Goes".

You can turn your excrutiating breakup or strange dating experience into hilarious rhyming couplets!

Winning verses will be published on…

Western Canadian tour.

This summer has been super fun and relaxing and lovely, but it's almost time to get back on the road! Leah and I will be travelling out through the west, to finally bring Northeast Southwest to the other end…

Zoofest with David Martel

Wow, what an amazing month! I've been travelling to and from the Maritimes (with Leah Dolgoy rocking it on Autoharp), for some super fun festivals, and wow, the Montreal Folk Fest was incredible (holy cow Tim O'Brien is talented), oh…

New T-Shirts! 

Inspired by the song So It Goes, you too can root for poor hipster Sam as he's left alone on a bridge, or for a little banjo girl as she ditches him in the dark. Get 'em at one of…

Corinna Rose @ The Montreal Folk Fest

 I am so so so so excited to announce that I'll be joining the Montreal Folk Festival line-up this year! I'll be opening for the incredible songwriter, and American folk master Tim O'Brien, at the festival's opening Gala. This show…

Maritimes Here I Come!

 I am so excited to finally be going back out to the East Coast. I have been missing the Atlantic Ocean and spring is in the air. This time, my dear autoharp player, Leah Dolgoy will be coming along for…

Album Launch Party in Montreal

Come celebrate the release of my new album "Northeast Southwest" on Thursday April 11th at Club Lambi (4465 Boulevard Saint-Laurent) in Montreal. I'll be reunited with my bandmates Nic, Alex, Leah and Matt (who's coming into town from Detroit!)…

New Music Video

I recently spent an afternoon with some of my dearest musical friends (including half of the band Heirloom, having a hoe-down in the (almost) spring sunlight. Here's a little video of the afternoon, (and a sneak peak of…

First Single off of "Northeast Southwest" now available for FREE download!

<a href="">There is Darkness, There Is Light by Corinna Rose</a>
Download the track "There is Darkness, There is Light" from bandcamp for free by clicking "download" above and enter "0" when you are prompted to name your price.