Seasons, Changes

This year has been somewhat of a quiet year, at least on social media, and I have certainly neglected this blog. I haven't been touring, or playing many shows, but this year has been one of writing, concentration and reflection. It's been extraordinarily challenging but I am excited to say that in two weeks I will finally be recording my second full length album.

Corinna Rose as a musical project is changing - it's becoming darker, more focused and intricate. I'll be leaving the hoe-down songs behind, but I hope this will pave the way for new creativity and cohesion. I'll have much more to say and share in the coming months, but I wanted to take this moment to invite you all to a sneak preview of what's to come. 

On Saturday September 30th, I'll be opening up for Jenny Berkel at La Vitrola in MTL, in my new trio formation of Leah Dolgoy (on full fledged harp) and Sam Gleason (electric guitar). We'll be playing all new material, fresh out of studio. It is also the launch of Jenny's entrancing new album Pale Moon Kid (if you haven't listened to her record yet, go do it!). Manymany thanks to KickDrum for presenting this show. 

Facebook event:

Hope to see you all soon, and more news to come.